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Business management can not always be as easy as it may first appear. By taking control of a business whether its in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dubai, you are firmly put at the helm and are responsible for its overall outcome.

Running a business is often a fine balance between customer service and profits. With out customers you cannot achieve a profit yet become too profit orientated can lead to a lack of good customer service and have an overall effect the amount of customers you have. Mackay Consulting business mentor program can try to help you rebalance your business, and help you run it efficiently.

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Whether your business is growing or struggling, getting an outsiders point of view is always handy. We can all sometimes get caught up in the busy day to day running of our businesses, forgetting to see the customers view and concentrate on how we believe to be best.

Mackay Consulting is able to offer you business mentoring, giving you a second view on business, where personally you could improve on and giving you an overall picture on where you business is at and your customer interaction.

Being in an ideal position to serve Glasgow, Mackay consulting can see on a daily basis how competition, customers, market share and staff all effect how you see and run your business.

Having a business mentor is not uncommon. Most businesses hire in consultants which in most cases are business mentors but under a different name.  Mackay Consulting can operate on a long term or short term basis, whether you just need a report to see improvements or need a longer term coaching service to help improve on certain areas.

For a dedicated quote on Business Mentoring then please get in touch, we do not just serve Glasgow and are happy to travel anywhere help is required.

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